What is an “Internet Consultant” and why do I need one for my business?

What is an “Internet Consultant” and why do I need one for my business?

Your Trusted Expert: Our Internet Consultants are the new breed of business advisors. Like your lawyer, your accountant, your stock broker—each a trusted business partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed—an Internet Consultant is in your local community to ensure your business realizes the full profit potential offered by Internet technologies. In a nutshell, they are specially trained and certified Internet business experts ready to deliver Internet products and services that best meet your business needs and your budget.

We Show Businesses How to Grow Online: It’s important not to confuse our Internet Consultants with Web Designers as they don’t simply design websites; they also build profitable, customized Internet Solutions that work for your business. They understand the needs and motivations of a business owner because they’re business owners themselves. It’s their job to look for opportunities to reduce operating costs, increase your revenues and build your customer base by introducing cost-effective new e-Business tools to your business. For example:

e-Commerce: selling your products and services online is like having a shop that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

  • Sell products, services, documents, images, even ideas as digital downloads!
  • Instantly advertise specials or offer sales-generating online discounts.
  • Take orders automatically, anytime.
  • Quickly respond to customers without any additional staff.
  • Easily track inventory and sales data.

e-Business: Save on daily expenses by using the Internet to communicate more efficiently with customers and vendors and gain a better understanding of your market.

  • Eliminate postal and courier charges by securely sharing documents and files online.
  • Use e-Learning to train staff and keep their skills up-to-date without expensive remote-location training seminars or inconvenient sets of manuals.
  • Distribute company videos, sales materials and information online, on-demand.
  • Build a customer database; learn who’s buying from you and leverage that information for increased profits.

Internet Marketing: Target more customers and expand your market without having to open additional locations.

  • Internet-based marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising, even on a limited budget.
  • Drive large amounts of traffic to your website from visitors that want what you’re selling.
  • Instantly communicate messages to customers based on their interests and buying preferences.
  • Enhance the awareness of your brand

Over the years our Internet Consultants have helped thousands of businesses around the world to grow and prosper online and they’re ready to help your business too.

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