Springs Automotive Group Turns to WSI Colorado Internet Marketing Consultant for E-mail Prog

Springs Automotive Group Turns to WSI Colorado Internet Marketing Consultant for E-mail Prog


Colorado Springs, CO – October 25, 2010 – Tom Kuthy, Digital Marketing Consultant with WSI today announced that Springs Automotive Group has retained his firm’s services to promote the advantages of Springs’ pre-owned automobiles.  Springs Automotive Group has long prided itself on providing a better customer experience when folks come in to the dealership, and Marketing Director Brian Canady decided it was time to extend that experience to potential customers who have registered online.  In order to make it happen, Canady turned to expert internet marketer, Tom Kuthy.  Kuthy recommended an educational e-mail campaign designed to help prospective customers make an informed decision when they decide to buy.

“When making a big ticket purchase, consumers need all the information they can get” said Kuthy.  Most people think of internet marketing in Colorado Springs as a means of providing incentives to get consumers to buy things.  However, if done properly, the internet can be used to educate consumers as to what are the most important things to consider as they make a purchase decision. “Those companies that recognize that will win consumer loyalty and gratitude for providing valuable advice” noted Kuthy.

“I am very excited about this program” Canady commented. “It reflects Springs Automotive Group’s long term philosophy of treating customers right, which is not always consistently practiced in our industry.”  WSI is tracking the number of people who open the messages, the number that return to the dealership’s web site, and the number that ultimately become customers. “We believe that this program will significantly increase the number of prospects that become our customers, and the number of customers that become our fans” said Canady.

About WSI – Headquartered in Toronto Canada, WSI is a network of over 1500 independent internet marketing consultants in 87 countries around the globe.  Tom Kuthy, a veteran marketer with 25 years of marketing experience, owns and operates a WSI digital marketing consultancy in Colorado Springs.

About Springs Automotive Group – Located at 3499 E. Platte, just West of Academy, Springs Automotive Group specializes in pre-owned automobiles at competitive pricing with outstanding customer service.


Tom Kuthy,

WSI Digital Marketing Consultant





Brian Canady

Marketing Director




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