World’s Largest Internet Consulting Firm Honors Excellence at Global Convention


WSI Recognizes 11 of its Network Members with a 2008 Excellence Award -

WSI, the world’s leading provider of Internet marketing solutions, recognized 11 members of its network, including its franchisees and suppliers, with a WSI Excellence Award at its recent international Excellence and Innovation Convention in Las Vegas.

The WSI Excellence Awards showcases the best of thousands of Internet solutions created each year by WSI Consultants and the outstanding service offered by them. The awards recognized excellence in such categories as: Making a Difference in the Life of a Client, Customer Service Strategy, Lead Generation for a Client, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, Online Marketing, Mentorship, Lead Generation for Self and a Client and Excellence in Service.

Ron McArthur, president of WSI said, “WSI thrives in delivering nothing less than outstanding service and high quality Internet marketing solutions to the SMB market. We have heard from thousands of SMB owners who expressed their satisfaction with the Internet solutions our WSI Consultants have delivered, so we are thrilled to honor them for their hard work. I am proud to share that this year has been an exceptional one for solutions and services offered by WSI Consultants and Suppliers.”

WSI introduced its first annual Excellence Awards in October 2007 as a way to recognize excellence among its franchisees in providing cutting edge Internet solutions in their local markets around the world. WSI received several case study submissions by Consultants to be considered for the 2008 WSI Excellence Awards. Each case study was scored and ranked by a team of WSI submission auditors, who all voted to determine the winners. The winners were announced at WSI’s international Excellence and Innovation Convention in Las Vegas.

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