WSI Colorado Internet Marketing Consultant Teams Up With Online Dancewear

WSI Colorado Internet Marketing Consultant Teams Up With Online Dancewear


Colorado Springs, CO – October 21, 2010 – Tom Kuthy, Digital Marketing Consultant with WSI today announced that Online Dancewear has retained his firm’s services to promote their e-commerce site   Over the years, Online Dancewear has grown largely through the use of its catalog and word of mouth referrals.  However, Betty Tinker, marketing manager, recognized the need spread the word about the company’s low prices and huge selection online. In order to get the word out, Tinker turned to expert internet marketing consultant Tom Kuthy.  Based on an analysis of the firm’s objectives, Kuthy recommended a highly targeted search marketing campaign employing WSI’s proprietary Local Adworks advertising platform.

Pay per click advertising makes a lot of sense for an online retailer”, said Kuthy. WSI Local Adworks leverages the power of Internet marketing by targeting those people searching for very relevant terms like “dance clothing” or “children’s dancewear”.  When the results for those searches appear on search engines like Google, an Online Dancewear ad appears on the first page with a link back to the Online Dancewear web page.

“We have already generated 17 orders from the advertising in the first 4 weeks.” Tinker said. “I need to know whether my advertising dollars are working, and the WSI system lets me log in and see just that.” WSI Local Adworks technology tracks clicks to the Online Dancewear site, orders made by people who saw the ad, e-mails, and phone calls.  The calls are recorded so the advertiser can hear the results first hand. “I only wish that all of my advertising were as accountable as the WSI system” said Tinker.

About WSI – Headquartered in Toronto Canada, WSI is a network of over 1500 independent internet marketing consultants in 87 countries around the globe.  Tom Kuthy, a veteran marketer with 25 years of marketing experience, owns and operates one of the WSI Internet marketing consultancies in Colorado Springs.

About Online Dancewear –Online Dancewear specializes in discount dance apparel for girls, and women. With its huge selection, great prices, and friendly service it has grown to be one of the nation’s largest online retailers of dance clothes and dance shoes.


Tom Kuthy,

WSI Digital Marketing Consultant



Betty Tinker

Marketing Manager, Online Dancewear


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