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On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Tom Kuthy - Tuesday, March 01, 2011
Last week we talked about the two tenets of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign: On-page and off-page optimization.  While off-page optimization directly correlates to how the search engines perceive the popularity of your website, on-page optimization is all about making your site relevant to the customers searching for you.  If they enter a keyword, it better appear on your site or you’ll have no chance of appearing in front of that client.  Creating a relevant website starts with the following steps:

Keyword research and elimination: Find out what keywords people could be using to find you.  Eliminate competitive and irrelevant terms until you have a workable list to include throughout the pages of your site. For most local businesses, geo-modified keywords like “Denver Search Engine Optimization” rather than just “Search Engine Optimization” are a good choice.

Content generation: It’s possible to send your customers the right branded message and still incorporate keywords into the content of your site.  When done right, it will read naturally to human eyes as well as search engine spiders.

Technical Components: once you’ve spent the time perfecting your content, make sure it’s crawlable by the search engine by putting code and tags in place that cue the search engines to come back regularly and read the most important parts of your site.
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